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Presenting Excellence with Advanced Technology

Scientific research is E. Excel’s main task. To present perfection is the Company’s unchanging aim. E. Excel has made great investments to study plant nutrients. Its commitment to new product development has enabled it to achieve international recognition.


E. Excel has spared no expense in acquiring top-of-the-line production equipment. It closely monitors every step of the production process and the operating environment in its manufacturing plants. A professional team of production, R&D, and testing specialists ensures that every part of the production process is carried out to the highest standards.


The raw materials used to make E. Excel’s food products are comprised of different types of plants. Every plant used in the Company’s products has been carefully studied. Each processing method, such as freeze-drying, spray-drying, and concentrating polysaccharides, is selected after careful consideration of the unique characteristics of each plant. E. Excel’s products go through stringent and sophisticated tests to ensure that the fruits of E. Excel’s research are best presented to the customer. All of the Company’s products pass inspections conducted for raw material selection, production process, and finished product packaging. Specific safety inspections are also carried out for certain raw materials. Japan is known for its highly stringent safety inspections, and this is the reason Japan is selected for the exclusive formulation and testing of the Company’s Elemente skin care products and cosmetics. These products go through several rounds of inspections and checks to ensure that they are safe and of the highest quality.


E. Excel focuses on every detail, and care is taken at every step to ensure safety and peace of mind for its customers. E. Excel relentlessly pursues excellence in R&D and production technology, ensuring that it stays relevant with the times. The strong will and wealth of experience of E. Excel are its most outstanding assets. These traits are also the best proof of the promise and determination E. Excel upholds with regard to its never-ending pursuit of excellence, continuous effort to improve itself, and uncompromising commitment to its mission.


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