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We are committed to excellence in wholesome nutrition through our innovative botanical-based food products. Employing cutting-edge production techniques, we ensure stringent quality control and product standardization. Being conferred the following honors spurs us to employ highly qualified researchers and cutting-edge technology to assure consumers of nutritious products of the highest safety standards.


Food Safety Excellence Award – Silver Award (2013)

After receiving the Food Safety Excellence Award – Bronze Award in 2008, E. Excel Singapore has excelled once again in the Singapore Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA)’s Food Factory Grading Scheme to receive the prestigious Food Safety Excellence Award – Silver Award!


The Food Factory Grading Scheme was implemented by AVA to ensure excellent standards of food safety and product quality in Singapore. Food factories are categorized into 4 grades: A, B, C and D, based on their food hygiene and food safety standards. Factories with “A” grading for 5 consecutive years are eligible for the Bronze Award. Factories with “A” grading for 10 consecutive years are eligible for the Silver Award.


E. Excel has always striven for perfection in product quality. This honor pushes E. Excel to continue producing high-quality products.



Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand - Outstanding Brand Excellence Award (2012)

E. Excel International’s global reputation for excellence is further affirmed by its winning of the highly coveted The 8th Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2012—Outstanding Brand Excellence Award.


Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand is presented by the Asia Entrepreneur Alliance (AEA). It is the most impactful and prestigious international brand certification award in the Asia-Pacific region. Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand celebrates and recognizes those who are building and leading successful brands that have delivered their brand promises. Past winners include famous international brands such as Pepsi, Sony, Canon and Zara.


Like its namesake “Extra Excellence”, E. Excel International will always go above and beyond its commitment to excellence so as to give its customers only the very best products and services.




2006 Top 10 Most Competitive Health-care Product Award

E. Excel International's product Symphony Of Excellence was recognized with the prestigious Top 10 Most Competitive Health-care Product Award for the uniqueness of its ingredients, processing and nutritional value. Picked from nearly 1,000 entries submitted, winning this award attests to E. Excel International's commitment to manufacturing the finest quality products using cutting-edge technology.


The awards presentation was held during the Third Global System Leader Summit jointly organized by World Chinese Businessmen Union General, 21st Century Business Herald, and Asia-Pacific Direct Selling Media Alliance at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on November 30, 2006.


Over 100 direct selling marketing companies from 16 countries and regions, including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan participated in this event. Guests included Chairman of Asia Pacific Area of United International Organization, former Director General of China's Fair Trade Bureau of the State Administration For Industry & Commerce (SAIC), Malaysian Government representatives, media and over 70 relevant government officials and experts.




New Millennium Award (2005)

E. Excel won the prestigious New Millennium Award for its outstanding achievements in manufacturing and production at the 30th Golden Award for Best Trade Name. The event was held in Paris from 22 to 24 May 2005. Mrs Josseline Aries, General Manager of E. Excel Europe, based in Luxembourg, proudly represented E. Excel International to receive this honorable distinction.


The International Award for the Best Trade Name was created in 1976 by the Editorial Ofice and the Trade Leaders' Club as part of their promotion program to obtain contact information of businesses around the world and to offer additional support to their marketing efforts.


The event is an annual affair held to honor companies that have achieved major milestones in creating superior products and providing high quality services. Market leaders from respective countries are selected via consumer surveys on key products and services.



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